Our process


At Millenger, we distill modern classics from vintage styles and beyond. Mid-century cues, including architecture, literature and automobiles are evident in each well-edited model. Working with classic lines and shapes allo wus to produce timeless optics that are always relevant, vibrant and inspired. See our acetate frames for a glimpse into this design direction.



Each model, we hand pick custom acetate and wood to the line. Every pair of eyewear is hand finished by experienced craftsman with over 30+ years in the industry. Every frame, every detail, every color combination are well thought out and assembled by hand in Sweden.



For best visual comfort and eye protection. Millenger uses CR-39, which is a plastic polymer, an abbreviation for “Columbia Resin 39”. It has high abrasion and scratch resistance, light weight and has excellent optical qualities while also ensures eye comfort and best possible vision.