Which pair are you?

Not only was each frame designed to suit most faces, every pair was inspired by someone who changed the world. Who will you be?




Inspired by Assar Gabrielsson

Industrialist who founded the large automobile corporation VOLVO. Assar follows our signature thin frame with a classic shape for an iconic look with modern details. Perfect for the new age of minimalistic design.




Inspired by Christopher Polhem 

Named after Christopher Polhem, a Swedish inventor and entreprenuer that made huge contributions for the industry in northern Europe. He among many other things created bridges. As you can see this model has a bridge that combines the lenses. We call it ”Polhembron”.




Inspired by Selma Lagerlöf

Named after Selma Lagerlöf, the Swedish author who bacame the first female to win the Nobel prize in literature. She is most known for her famous childrens novel ”The wonderful adventures of Nils” which main purpose was to educate children in geography. Selma represents a look that is soft, delicate and alluring.