Our epic display

By Millenger Eyewear

Our epic display

We have gained a lot of good comments about our showcase display we distribute to our retailers. Here is the story behind it.

We wanted to come up with something special, something unique. We wanted to get the attention to us, to show the customer what Millenger is really about. The industrial inspiration together with materials of greater caliber.

It's heavy, it weights about 5 kg. But though it's made of thick 4mm steel it's not a huge surprise. Being put outside during a rainy and cold Swedish fall is not that really nice. Most things would get in a quite bad mood. So did this super epic display.

For 3 weeks with some rain and hard work did get the rusty layer. Ending with some engraving (super expensive, but super worth it) we got the final touch.

We love it. Our customers love it. It's the story of millenger.